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Loading takes forever:

I have been on clubpenguin for almost 2 years now and have seen that sometimes (LOADING) takes forever,
how can we solve this?

well I emailed a CP SPR (Support Rep) and he said, “refresh your cache and maybe that will work” now did it work no!
so when I emailed them again another person answered, and they said “Loading sometimes takes longer in different countrys, it could be how strong your connection is” you can also try the support page found from the main site www.clubpenguin.com

My Penguin name has changed to numbers:

ok if you make a penguin and after a day or two it changes to example (Penguin787656456453) then its just your penguin name was inapropriate, I made a penguin called tightskirt and it changed to numbers, you may see penguins with numbers on their names now you know why!

My penguin name won’t save:

Again refresh your cache or reset (Internet explorer)
if you still can’t save it write your user and pass down!

I can’t buy things:

if you can’t buy things your NOT a member or are you?
if you have purchased a CP membership and it just keeps displaying the load sign you can ask clubpenguin for support your account has a bug if this happens, if you get CPTRAINER2 it WON’T let you buy things with the membership hack!

Created by mcgroove:


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